Thursday, 19 April 2012

Stomp Stomp Clap! Stomp Stomp Clap!!

We will we will ROCK YOU! many of you guessed that was coming? Kudos to you!

Recently watched the musical and for the first hour was a bit gutted because it is very similar to the musical I have penned (which is very unfortunate because until I watched We Will Rock You I thought it was a totally original concept) and albeit the story was a bit non-existent... (ok more than a bit. A more gripping tale could be told about your average pebble) but the music was mind blowing!

Particularly loved Kelly Ellis singing "No one but you - Only the good die young" it was written a few years ago (for those bad at maths that means it was done after Freddie died) and I had never heard it before, it was incredible. So emotional, written by Brian May who obviously had Freddie in mind when he was writing it!

So. Dear has been eight days since my last confession, and twenty one days since my last decent sized confession so I figure you are due at least ten hail mary's worth of time dedicated to you. So here goes!

"Hail Mary...."

Proud Mary that is! Still rocking away (or trying to on the piano) and have purchased three books of sheet music:

1 - Adele 21 (because who doesn't love Adele?)
2 - We Will Rock You (because initially I thought it was Queen's Greatest hits)
3 - Glee Vol 2 (because it has Proud Mary in it....ok, ok. Im a Gleek at heart! <3 )

That being said, most of the sheet music is above my level of comprehension at the moment. I can play the notes but getting the rhythm down is so hard! I find myself repeating the songs so much by the time ive got the chorus time I hate the song :S ! But I shall persevere, if a six year old kid can play "Flight of the Bumblebee" then im damned sure I can play Killer Queen.

Only recently discovered that McCormacks, one of Glasgow's oldest music stores is not there anymore! Which had me quite upset at first as I had no idea where else to look for sheet music in glasgow. Thankfully the android phone came to the rescue by pin pointing my location and verbally directing me to the nearest store (Biggars on Sauciehall street)

Biggars is a cafe/music shop/hottie thinking about moving in lol!

All joking aside it really is a nice place. The music choice (over the speakers) is great, soft and balladish makes you feel like relaxing and stay a while.

I liked it so much I have returned every night this week after work for a latte and to proof read my novel. Which is done by the way. Did I tell you that already? Its D.O.N.E!

Proofing is a funny process, the more you think about it the harder it gets (no sexual innuendos please :P) I find that If I look for mistakes I rarely find them but If I read it normally things just stand out. Some of the word choice, sentence structure and general rhythm of the writing is just bad. It makes me wonder if I was drunk when I wrote it. There was actually a line which read: "The wind blew like...INSERT SIMILIE HERE!" which I had forgotten about and the similie proceeded to stump me for another thirty minutes!

In other news (non writing, non musical, non drink related weekend drama) I have a date for the next Operation; 9th of May.

Felt a little bit sick when I saw the letter, kind of "What the hell was I thinking?" but hey ho, nothing like diving in feet first!

For those who dont know this operation is for a boob joke.

Part of the condition I was born with means I have no right pectorial muscle so the clever clogs in the medical profession worked out that they could take a muscle from my back, fat from my stomach (*cough* un-bloody likely!) and inplant it into my chest to create a 'simulated' pec! Its another "big one" apparently, but all I do is go to sleep...and flirt with nurses, nothing to it!

Thats about it I think! Time keeps ticking on, but that doesnt bother me, im spending it well, im going somewhere!

One more time folks! Stomp Stomp Clap! Stomp Stomp Clap!

Oh, almost forgot.


Keep on dreaming folks!


Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The best laid plans...

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just get side-tracked.

After the weekend shift in work (which involves working 24 hours in 36 followed by a nice 10 hour shift to top it all off) I was looking forward to two well earned days off. But they were to be constructive days. I was going to use the time off well. Polish off the novel, read it til I was close to tears and print off a final draft ready to be sent away on Monday. I was also going to finish learning 'Your Song' on the piano (I know its not quite rock 'n' roll but I was getting sick of people walking in and saying "Whats that your playing?" I figure Elton John is instantly recognisable and they will leave me alone for a bit.).

Ended up not doing any of that...or very little. As it stands, the word document which contains my novel has not been opened or edited since last Friday and apart from the two bar intro ive not spent much time on Elton's John's tunes.

Id love to say the time has been spent productively, but its not really. I shovelled some stones from round the back, listened to lots of music, made a couple of trips to Asda and played computer games for longer than the recommended time.

Altthough im sitting here now thinking 'I wish I had done what I said id do' im kind of glad for the break. I think its important to take a break, even from things we are passionate about. Get some good old R&R on the go.

That been said I am going to bed!

(I now owe Word a very productive weekend...)