Wednesday, 11 April 2012

The best laid plans...

Sometimes no matter what you do, you just get side-tracked.

After the weekend shift in work (which involves working 24 hours in 36 followed by a nice 10 hour shift to top it all off) I was looking forward to two well earned days off. But they were to be constructive days. I was going to use the time off well. Polish off the novel, read it til I was close to tears and print off a final draft ready to be sent away on Monday. I was also going to finish learning 'Your Song' on the piano (I know its not quite rock 'n' roll but I was getting sick of people walking in and saying "Whats that your playing?" I figure Elton John is instantly recognisable and they will leave me alone for a bit.).

Ended up not doing any of that...or very little. As it stands, the word document which contains my novel has not been opened or edited since last Friday and apart from the two bar intro ive not spent much time on Elton's John's tunes.

Id love to say the time has been spent productively, but its not really. I shovelled some stones from round the back, listened to lots of music, made a couple of trips to Asda and played computer games for longer than the recommended time.

Altthough im sitting here now thinking 'I wish I had done what I said id do' im kind of glad for the break. I think its important to take a break, even from things we are passionate about. Get some good old R&R on the go.

That been said I am going to bed!

(I now owe Word a very productive weekend...)

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