Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I heard a theory the other day, that for every piece of information your brain remembers it forgets something I cant remember my bank account password! True story!

Guess I'll just have to assume im loaded until i'm skint ;) !

I was kind of feeling Oasis tonight. 'Whatever' led to Ocean Color Scene 'Profit in Peace', which led (obsquerely) to Billy Ocean 'When the going gets tough' (dont panic I recovered quickly), to some U2 'Angel of Harlem' + 'The day love came to town', Fratelli's 'Chelsea Dagger', Queen, Train, Travis, Shania Twain....yeah it went down hill very quickly from there.

Honestly, where does this music come from! Im convinced it breeds in my music folder. Soft Rock meets Pop at a party Metal was throwing and nine months later Miley Cyrus is born.

WHEN? I repeat *clears throat* WHEN! Did I ever listen to, let alone buy both Miley Cyrus albums? I'd love to say that's the worst of it but I fear the seeds of sour music run deeper than I dare to voice. Suffice to say that 'that iffy period in music called the 90's' has a playlist all to itself! Oh the shame :S

Can I blame it on being a DJ? Does that give me sufficient reason to have so many guilty pleasures choking up my hard drive? (Aly that's a direct question :P)

Right so, what is happening! Well lots to be honest.

I am now on day three of being a non-smoker, not had one! By my reasoning I am now allowed to look down my nose at all other smokers and comment on how much of a nasty habit they have. Unless she is 5' 10, blonde, stacked, early 20's, laughs at all my jokes and likes singing on top of tables. In which case I'll ask to borrow her lighter!

My brother is officially eighteen, which made me feel a bit old to be honest. So to counter-act this feeling I am going to go out this weekend and dance like i'm a teenager, drink like im at Uni and chase girls like I think I stand a chance! (I suspect I'll suffer the hangover of someone in their mid twenties though :S, Karma is so unevenly spread!)

Right, about the writing (because that's what this blog is meant to be about...damned eighties music waylaying me again :P).

I have found a spark of inspiration (as stated in my last post, if you've not read it...why not? Do you think I write these for the good of my health? Pfft.) and enthusiasm and have written screed's upon screed's!

This is what I have on the go at the moment:

Empire Book 1 - (Done, all 97'000 words of it!) - Just need to submit it to publisher/s
Empire Book 2 - (Draft Chapter Plans in Progress)
Fluke the Fight for Freedom (Competition piece for Albedo One) - Done, 9k words, needs proofed.

Now the interesting stuff...

For those who have read my update's religiously you'll remember the muscial idea, and how I said it came to me in a dream...well I had another one. But for a movie. And the concept is great! (I know i'm my own worst critic *blush*)

Imagine the Matrix, meets Bourne, meets The Usual Suspects...and you've probably got a totally different movie in mind from the one I am writing but more on that when I've more of the script down!

Assassin (Move Script) - In progress
Rock 'N' Roll Revival (Musical) - Three songs and accompnaiment written for this now, its picking up steam!

Ontop of all my own writing one of my good friends has had her first book published by PureSlush and is available in paperback from here :

Check it out, she is honestly the best writer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in person!

And for those who dont know my cousin Mr Shaun Mills has started his own blog/book, check out all the details below:

Right, if you came here from FaceyBook then you'll be wondering where your involvement comes in, pretty straight forward. I need a Wijmu...

for those who dont know - Word I just Made Up. (I use these often...particularly when im losing an arguement :P)

Im looking for:

 A character name - male or female (or gender confused to be honest, dont let me hear anyone say SBP discriminates!),

A place name (and before my inbox gets in-undated by all the people who think they are funny: Paris, Germany, Rio De Janiero and places that actually exist don't count!)

A monster name (I expect this to be interesting...dont say me.  :P)

No guarantees that they will find their way into the book but they will all be written down and remembered. Best one's win a shot of their choice!

Dare to Dream Folks!


Monday, 9 July 2012


It's funny the things that can inspire us. Sometimes its the simplest thing that can provoke such a strong reaction that we just feel compelled to jump or run or dance or sing or do something other than the nothing that we usually do.

Admit it.

How many times have you been walking down the street with your headphones blaring and a song comes on and you have to mentally command your feet not start to do the 'one-two shuffle' (For me it's Footloose by Kenny Loggins, I actually feel myself speed up as it reaches the chorus! And more recently "Sexy and you know it" I actually have to skip the song for fear I might start to strut!).

Ever danced in front of the mirror with a hairbrush? Taken a risk? Acted without thinking? Spontaneuity is the spice of life but we all seem so well trained now a days that we dont let it take control nearly as much as we should.

For whatever reason (which is to say no reason at all) I have not written or edited anything in a month, I feel like I should go say some 'hail Mary's' or an 'our father' or something to atone for the lack of writing I have done, but it just didn't feel right (the writing, not the prayer's - although they would feel equally strange after ten years of putting my faith in humanity not God).

Tonight was set to be the same. I got home from work and the most exciting thing that I could think of doing was sleeping (which I did for two hours). Even though I knew I had umpteen things to do, the enthusiasm was just not to be found. I sat and played Canon in D on the piano (the only classical piece I know) with a 'softly spoken ASMR' video playing on YouTube (these are rapidly becoming my new guilty pleasure, I have never experienced ASMR but man do they chill me out, if you've got time check out Amalzd or GentleWhispering such relaxing voices.) And I thought to myself, I could do that!

My rough Glasweigan accent and colloquial manner of speaking could definitely help put troubled minds to rest (yeah right!). 'I could even tell them a story...'

Then it hit me!

I could tell one of my stories! Now this may sound strange, especially to those who have never written anything meant to be read but! Reading aloud is one of the most important tools in the editor's arsenal. It is the best way to ensure that the story flows, if it doesnt sound right, then it needs a re-write! Alright? That being said I have always felt somewhat self-conscious when doing so (which is odd because I'll get up and sing on top of a table to a room of people I've never spoken to, but cant read quietly aloud in my room :S, go figure?!?)

It also allows me to 'side-step' an issue that has prevented me from publishing much of my real writing on this blog. A lot of publishers/agencies will not accept a submission that has previously been published, believe it or not this applies to an amatuer blog site anywhere on the internet. So if I posted a competition piece here, there is a good chance it would be rejected for the above reason, which I could see the sense in If I had 100k hits a month but with barely a thousand I dont think it makes much sense. However, recording an audio excerpt and uploading it to the site provides me a convenient loophole to get round this barmy rule!

So without further ado, softly spoken(ish), here is an excerpt from "The Fight for Freedom - A Mercenaries Tale", a competition piece for the Albedo One magazine later this year:

Now in other non-writing news what has been going on?

Well not a lot of next to nothing to be honest.

I did however go to a good friend's wedding and once again found myself inspired. Not by softly spoken voices this time but by that elusive thing we call love.

Now personally I have never experienced this feeling. Like, yes. Lust, certainly. Desire, most definitely but love...not so much. But that night I saw it in that couple's eyes as they danced to 'Then' and then 'Im yours' and I knew in that moment they were completely and utterly happy. Magic!

"Ces't la vie say the old folks..." (thats the old time rock and roller coming out in me!)

Spontaneous moments of inspiration, dreams, desires, lust and longing at the end of the day it all comes down to love. And love is all about happiness. I forgot at somepoint in recent months how happy, seeing other people happy can make you and I think the loss of that knowledge brought me dangerously close to accepting my lot in life.

Life isn't about a destination, it's about a journey, and regardless of what you might think or how old you might feel, it's not over while there's breath in your lungs. Take chances, live for the risks, and for God's sake follow your heart until it finds release! And know your dreams know no boundaries...they only lack belief!

I have no intention ten years from now sitting behind the desk of a dead end nine to five to find myself looking back and thinking of the life I could have had, life is happening folks, embrace it!

Dont stop believing folks,

Dare to Dream!


Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rise of the Draconern.

Can you believe it? July already, it seems as if Santa has just left and all of a sudden the tinsel and tree are creeping back up the cellar stairs!

Anyone still going strong with the old 'new year's resolutions'? I know I lost mine in February somewhere: still a smoker, still single, still a writer suffering from self imposed procrastination. That being said, the book is done so that's something, now I just need to muster the enthusiasm to proof read it. The Sub letter and synopsis are also nice and shiny so I really do just need to proof read the first three chapters and I can start submitting again. The problem is that I just dont make the time for it.

Im not going to make excuses, I just dont spend enough time doing it. I know I should.

I find myself being pulled in so many different directions. In the last fortnight ive read nine books: All of George RR Martins's "Game of thrones" novels and a few RR Feist ones. Despite the fact this means I have spent scant time actually writing, it is good for the imagination has given me a few nice ideas I would like to incorporate into the next novel in the series (which ive started already...another reason the proof-reading has been back burnered!).

I know the flavour of the month just now is vampires and werewolves so I intend on passing on that entirely, id rather be a first rate version of me than a second rate version of Stephanie Meyer. I did however love the idea of the Valheru in Feist's novels and think I will incorporate something similar, but entirely different: Enter the Draconern.


The Draconern are or were the most powerful creatures on the planet. Great winged beasts that stalked the skies wielding tongues of flame and magic so powerful that none could stand before them, and none did for they were masters of all.

At the height of their reign the Draconern numbered tens of thousands; each commanding their own keep with servants and beasts of the lesser creatures on hand to answer their beck and call. They made war between the planes with other races and plundered the lands wherever they saw fit. Many ancient relics still lay hidden beneath the earth today where once stood a mighty dragon citadel.

But like all great races throughout the history of time, the Draconern were the masters of their own demise. (Something happened - not entirely sure what yet :S ) And the Draconern made war upon one and other and their numbers dwindled to a mere few.

Those who remained used their arts to take human form and live amongst the race that had once served them. They assumed positions of authority and control using subtle magic to influence the minds of those around them and enjoying the same lavish lifestyles they had as their ancestors had. Their true nature and identities were lost throughout the ages and despite their immortality many believe the Draconern to be nothing more than an ancient myth, lost to living memory.

Draconern Half-Kin

Half Kin are those who were born of a Draconern and a human, or a Draconern and a wyrm. Their powers are pale in comparisson to those of their ancestors but the humans are still skilled in the arts of magic and the wyrms are the most feared hunters of the sky. Alas these creatures lived only mortal lives and soon they too passed out of living memory.


Descendants of the Half-Kins Half Kin and he only remnant of the Draconern to walk the earth today, these men and woman possess only the beauty of their ancestors, magical aptitude and skill with arms are that of only mortal men. Many of the whelps are ignorant of their ancestral forefathers and live out their lives without incident or care. Vindikar Drak is not one of these. The Drak family pride themselves on their heritage and see themselves as a cut above ordinary men, Vindikar is the worst and he will play a central role in the storyline in the second novel as Keira, Fluke and Akron travel to Kerona to learn more of the 'Power' and try to convince the people to prepare themselves for war with the empire which has followed them across the sand sea...

I like it, It gives me the oppurtunity to create a new race, maybe run a new series based on when the Draconern were at their height.

Well thats the idea.

In other news, the folks are away to Spain this week so got the house to myself bar my sis. Also got a colleagues wedding on Thursday so that should be good. Everyone seems to be getting hitched recently! I got to catch up!

Seriously thinking of toying with a 'date night' concept. Meet new people, get out and about and all that jazz.

Until next time!

Keep on dreaming folks!