Sunday, 8 January 2012

Red pens and honey flavoured coffee...

It is officially Sunday the 8th of January and I have spent the last few hours (cough...days...cough) reading 'The first five pages' and applying some of the advice to my manuscript. And it is hard work. Re-reading, and re-doing, then re-reading then rinse and repeat until my eyes are sore and I give up for the night.

Of all things, I am SERIOUSLY struggling with chapter 1. It is way to heavy with information, alot of which I go over in later chapters and try as I may I couldnt cut out the bumph and make it read right. Write?

As opposed to throwing in the towel I opted to move onto chapter 2 and 3 which turned out to be somewhat more productive. By productive I mean 'made me doubt my ability to write AT ALL and question whether or not I should bother.' But I did, and I will. Applied the changes to chapter 2 and it reads a whole lot better than it did. Without a doubt it will require at least another three re-reads but that can come later.

Still need to tidy up the end of chapter 8, at least another 500 words but tonight I cant face it. Instead I shall spend the remainder of the evening listening to Adele and working on my submission for the Aeon competition for Albedo One (which to be honest I am enjoying alot more even though its only 70 words in at the moment!)

Submitted another chapter to the GWG so will need to put my hard helmet on and prepare for Thursday night.

The blog will probably take a backseat over the coming weeks as I am going in for surgery on the 23rd of January. Another big op albeit an elective one.

Oh yeah, according to I know 45000 words. Go me. That'd be great if there werent estimated to be over one million words in the English language :P 

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