Monday, 2 January 2012

Well its here!!!!

2012 is upon us and I have hit it at full speed.

I spent the Hogmanay/New Years day weekend writing, ive come into work with my notebook and continued writing, I'll go home tonight and carry on writing. Safe to say the book is progressing rapidly.

That being said there have been a couple of 'speed bumps', an apt term to be sure as they have slowed me down no end. One of the last bits of crit I received advised that new line should be taken for each new speaker in each new section of dialogue. Which is true. This however means I have to go over all 60'000 words of my novel so far and tab it to the right place, which will take some time. I also encountered a major problem in the last chapter (chapter eight) whereby I was writing too much, giving too much detail and pushing my word length way over my target for the chapter. I have had to thin it down and am almost scared to read over it, I hope I have removed the right bits and that it all still reads as well as it did before.

I think there are perhaps two, or at a push three more chapters in part two. Then comes the problem area. Part 3 which is still on the drawing board with no chapter plans whatsoever. I know pretty much how I want it to play out but its going to be a biggy! To be honest I am toying with the idea of expanding on parts 1 and 2 and ending where I intend to end it and thats it! End of book 1. Part three could then be released as a standalone book continuing the story of Keira and Fluke and their journey into the new land of Kerona.

Actually the more I think about this plan of action the more it appeals to me. It all depends on how long parts 1 and 2 are when they are wholly complete.

I have one writers meeting this month then im in for surgery so will be off work (and absent from meetings) probably for four to five weeks. This will give me lots of free time to work on polishing the book and working for the first competition submission of the year.

Its all happening! Watch this space!

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