Wednesday, 18 July 2012


I heard a theory the other day, that for every piece of information your brain remembers it forgets something I cant remember my bank account password! True story!

Guess I'll just have to assume im loaded until i'm skint ;) !

I was kind of feeling Oasis tonight. 'Whatever' led to Ocean Color Scene 'Profit in Peace', which led (obsquerely) to Billy Ocean 'When the going gets tough' (dont panic I recovered quickly), to some U2 'Angel of Harlem' + 'The day love came to town', Fratelli's 'Chelsea Dagger', Queen, Train, Travis, Shania Twain....yeah it went down hill very quickly from there.

Honestly, where does this music come from! Im convinced it breeds in my music folder. Soft Rock meets Pop at a party Metal was throwing and nine months later Miley Cyrus is born.

WHEN? I repeat *clears throat* WHEN! Did I ever listen to, let alone buy both Miley Cyrus albums? I'd love to say that's the worst of it but I fear the seeds of sour music run deeper than I dare to voice. Suffice to say that 'that iffy period in music called the 90's' has a playlist all to itself! Oh the shame :S

Can I blame it on being a DJ? Does that give me sufficient reason to have so many guilty pleasures choking up my hard drive? (Aly that's a direct question :P)

Right so, what is happening! Well lots to be honest.

I am now on day three of being a non-smoker, not had one! By my reasoning I am now allowed to look down my nose at all other smokers and comment on how much of a nasty habit they have. Unless she is 5' 10, blonde, stacked, early 20's, laughs at all my jokes and likes singing on top of tables. In which case I'll ask to borrow her lighter!

My brother is officially eighteen, which made me feel a bit old to be honest. So to counter-act this feeling I am going to go out this weekend and dance like i'm a teenager, drink like im at Uni and chase girls like I think I stand a chance! (I suspect I'll suffer the hangover of someone in their mid twenties though :S, Karma is so unevenly spread!)

Right, about the writing (because that's what this blog is meant to be about...damned eighties music waylaying me again :P).

I have found a spark of inspiration (as stated in my last post, if you've not read it...why not? Do you think I write these for the good of my health? Pfft.) and enthusiasm and have written screed's upon screed's!

This is what I have on the go at the moment:

Empire Book 1 - (Done, all 97'000 words of it!) - Just need to submit it to publisher/s
Empire Book 2 - (Draft Chapter Plans in Progress)
Fluke the Fight for Freedom (Competition piece for Albedo One) - Done, 9k words, needs proofed.

Now the interesting stuff...

For those who have read my update's religiously you'll remember the muscial idea, and how I said it came to me in a dream...well I had another one. But for a movie. And the concept is great! (I know i'm my own worst critic *blush*)

Imagine the Matrix, meets Bourne, meets The Usual Suspects...and you've probably got a totally different movie in mind from the one I am writing but more on that when I've more of the script down!

Assassin (Move Script) - In progress
Rock 'N' Roll Revival (Musical) - Three songs and accompnaiment written for this now, its picking up steam!

Ontop of all my own writing one of my good friends has had her first book published by PureSlush and is available in paperback from here :

Check it out, she is honestly the best writer I have ever had the pleasure of meeting in person!

And for those who dont know my cousin Mr Shaun Mills has started his own blog/book, check out all the details below:

Right, if you came here from FaceyBook then you'll be wondering where your involvement comes in, pretty straight forward. I need a Wijmu...

for those who dont know - Word I just Made Up. (I use these often...particularly when im losing an arguement :P)

Im looking for:

 A character name - male or female (or gender confused to be honest, dont let me hear anyone say SBP discriminates!),

A place name (and before my inbox gets in-undated by all the people who think they are funny: Paris, Germany, Rio De Janiero and places that actually exist don't count!)

A monster name (I expect this to be interesting...dont say me.  :P)

No guarantees that they will find their way into the book but they will all be written down and remembered. Best one's win a shot of their choice!

Dare to Dream Folks!


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