Sunday, 1 July 2012

Rise of the Draconern.

Can you believe it? July already, it seems as if Santa has just left and all of a sudden the tinsel and tree are creeping back up the cellar stairs!

Anyone still going strong with the old 'new year's resolutions'? I know I lost mine in February somewhere: still a smoker, still single, still a writer suffering from self imposed procrastination. That being said, the book is done so that's something, now I just need to muster the enthusiasm to proof read it. The Sub letter and synopsis are also nice and shiny so I really do just need to proof read the first three chapters and I can start submitting again. The problem is that I just dont make the time for it.

Im not going to make excuses, I just dont spend enough time doing it. I know I should.

I find myself being pulled in so many different directions. In the last fortnight ive read nine books: All of George RR Martins's "Game of thrones" novels and a few RR Feist ones. Despite the fact this means I have spent scant time actually writing, it is good for the imagination has given me a few nice ideas I would like to incorporate into the next novel in the series (which ive started already...another reason the proof-reading has been back burnered!).

I know the flavour of the month just now is vampires and werewolves so I intend on passing on that entirely, id rather be a first rate version of me than a second rate version of Stephanie Meyer. I did however love the idea of the Valheru in Feist's novels and think I will incorporate something similar, but entirely different: Enter the Draconern.


The Draconern are or were the most powerful creatures on the planet. Great winged beasts that stalked the skies wielding tongues of flame and magic so powerful that none could stand before them, and none did for they were masters of all.

At the height of their reign the Draconern numbered tens of thousands; each commanding their own keep with servants and beasts of the lesser creatures on hand to answer their beck and call. They made war between the planes with other races and plundered the lands wherever they saw fit. Many ancient relics still lay hidden beneath the earth today where once stood a mighty dragon citadel.

But like all great races throughout the history of time, the Draconern were the masters of their own demise. (Something happened - not entirely sure what yet :S ) And the Draconern made war upon one and other and their numbers dwindled to a mere few.

Those who remained used their arts to take human form and live amongst the race that had once served them. They assumed positions of authority and control using subtle magic to influence the minds of those around them and enjoying the same lavish lifestyles they had as their ancestors had. Their true nature and identities were lost throughout the ages and despite their immortality many believe the Draconern to be nothing more than an ancient myth, lost to living memory.

Draconern Half-Kin

Half Kin are those who were born of a Draconern and a human, or a Draconern and a wyrm. Their powers are pale in comparisson to those of their ancestors but the humans are still skilled in the arts of magic and the wyrms are the most feared hunters of the sky. Alas these creatures lived only mortal lives and soon they too passed out of living memory.


Descendants of the Half-Kins Half Kin and he only remnant of the Draconern to walk the earth today, these men and woman possess only the beauty of their ancestors, magical aptitude and skill with arms are that of only mortal men. Many of the whelps are ignorant of their ancestral forefathers and live out their lives without incident or care. Vindikar Drak is not one of these. The Drak family pride themselves on their heritage and see themselves as a cut above ordinary men, Vindikar is the worst and he will play a central role in the storyline in the second novel as Keira, Fluke and Akron travel to Kerona to learn more of the 'Power' and try to convince the people to prepare themselves for war with the empire which has followed them across the sand sea...

I like it, It gives me the oppurtunity to create a new race, maybe run a new series based on when the Draconern were at their height.

Well thats the idea.

In other news, the folks are away to Spain this week so got the house to myself bar my sis. Also got a colleagues wedding on Thursday so that should be good. Everyone seems to be getting hitched recently! I got to catch up!

Seriously thinking of toying with a 'date night' concept. Meet new people, get out and about and all that jazz.

Until next time!

Keep on dreaming folks!



  1. dont fall into the trap!!! fiest is so good its unreal but dont take to much of his work into your own. as fellow fans of his will see the usage no matter how slight it may be! u are a competant writer of what iv seen. im not saying dont have insperation from fiest but to use something like the valheru will stand out like a sore thumb to a fiestian. your call dude but just saying

    1. Thanks for the comment Shaun. I agree and disagree in the same breath :P. It's been said that in writing there are 'no original ideas' - someone has always done it before.

      I agree that if I went with something like the Valheru I could only hope, at best, to poorly mimic Feist's creation. That being said I think the Draconern will be unique enough to stand alone and hopefully stand apart from anything there has been.

      I'm still working on the details for the back story/history of the race and that will be a crucial part in making them believable and hopefully 'unique' we can but see!

      Thanks again for the comment,