Thursday, 27 September 2012

What's happening!

What's happening folks? seriously, what is happening? I need to know. I've been house bound for close to five weeks and am beginning to feel the subtle effects of cabin fever setting in. Bedroom fever would be more appropriate as I have pretty much lived in my bedroom for a month (and not in the good way)

My arm is now back to semi-functionality. By that I mean I can straighten it, comfortably lift a paperback book (though a hardcover is pushing it a bit) and just about type at my normal speed as long as the left hand does most of the work.

I guess I should start with a bit about the wound.

It's fine, well fine so far as I/we can gather. The doctors still don't know if it was necrosis or a blood clot but either way it has stopped leaking pussy blood (sexy I know) which I am most relieved about. In terms of how it looks...pretty good considering how it did before, but still aways to go before it matches the other one.

The scars are healing nicely, the one on my chest was brutal initially - it literally looked like I had been cut in half. But it has calmed down substantially and although it's still noticeable, it'll fully heal to be quite a neat scar. I've not been able to get a look at the one under my arm due to the inability to move the shoulder but i'm told it's healing nicely. So that's good.

I was full of good intentions of getting lots of writing done during my recovery but unfortunately it has just not been possible, physically or emotionally. The inability to type at speed was really annoying and then all the drama and the not knowing whether id need another op knocked me for six. Thankfully as stated I am now almost back up to my normal typing speed so hopefully I can get lots done over the coming week before I return to work.

I have done some writing so it hasn't all been wasted. The screenplay, which I've provisionally called 'John Doe' is coming along nicely. Act I is entirely typed and some of the dialogue is great! For those who are interested in writing for the big screen I strongly advise you to buy 'The Foundations of Screenwriting', phenomenal book. I read it in about three days and went through a pack of post-it's which are now protruding from the pages.

Empire II has taken a back step - the story is all mapped out it just needs to be written but to be honest, right now im much more excited about where the screenplay is going.

In none writery news, there is not much to tell unfortunately (being stuck in a house all day every day does nothing for your social life!)

My mother has decided to get a dog, a Maltese pup which I believe is to be called Bayliegh if it's a girl...and Alfalpha if it's a boy, don't ask, i'm not to sure myself.

My days have been pretty much filled with Buffy the Vampire Slayer saving the world, and constant drafting on MtGO.

There is a new set for the game released this weekend. Shoulder dependent I will be making my way up to the shop to play the sealed tournament (which I am quietly confident about, the online events are going really well - I've not had to pay for any for over a fortnight and Ive played in about fifty :P).

Music wise there is nothing to report, I've discovered it's very hard to keep a rhythm without moving your shoulder so I am just not going to bother until i'm back to being fighting fit!

Nearly there! Each day is a step closer to the dream...

Keep smiling!


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  1. I spoke too soon! Ack.

    Sorry to hear things are still pretty rocky for you, but I hope there's a speedy recovery, with lots of time to be productive.