Saturday, 27 October 2012


Life has gotten back to some form of normality. Whatever that is.

I'm now into my second week back at the office and I am loathed to admit (and somewhat confused by the fact) that I am actually enjoying being back! There is only so much Jeremy Kyle one man can take and suffice to say in my eight week house bound lock down I have had more than my fair share!

It's funny how he inspiration to write returned right about the same time I ended up going back to work. Maybe its the plain yet elegeant decor that stimulates the creative juices, or perhaps it's the rhythmic clicking of the keyboard and the relaxing ring of the phone that inspires inspiration. Or maybe it's that I really, REALLY want to be somewhere else.

Not that it's a bad job. It's actually a pretty good one. 9-5 Monday to Friday. Every weekend off. Decent salary, hell I have nothing to complain about. It wasn;t that long ago I lost a job and had the cruel sting of unemployment nipping at my heels. I remember the relief I felt at just having any job. In the current climate I should definitely not complain about being employed...

But I'm bored.

The job has become, predictable, despite the fact it's ever changing. Each day, more or less, follows the pattern of the last. It was only after going back post-op that I realised how much of a routine I was in. And I am not a man for routines. I like spontaneuity. One of my favourite quotes is:

"Take chances, live for risks, and follow your heart until it finds release. Your dreams know no boundaries, they only lack belief!"

Yet I must have been stagnating because for the past twelve months I have taken no chances and unless you call my epic flirting fails on the train 'risks' then I really haven't embraced that mantra.

That is all going to change. Has changed.

I am pleased (hell who am I kidding, I'm supercalifrajilistickly elated) to announce that one of my short stories has been published by the wonderful and is available for purchase here! The Editor Matt Potter is a gem. I have never come across an individual who is so prepared to help writers with their manuscripts and submissions. "First class nice guy, without the wank."

Not only that, but Im featured in there with some of my favourite (and most talented) writing buddies! Gill Hoffs and Joanna Delooze!

So I am pretty over the moon about that! BUT! That's not all!

Many of you will know (and many more will not) that I am an ardent Magic the Gathering player. I love it, always have. Many moons ago when I was in high school (nearly ten years now...) I would travel up to Arena games every weekend and pit my deck of mythical creatures and spells against someone elses, usually I would get beat, pretty badly. But I enjoyed it anyway.

I mentioned in my previous post that I had got back into it, in a big way. I spent alot of my time off catching up on the development and changes that have happened in the game and have been drafting at Glasgow's new shop Spellbound Games for the last six weeks.

So how does this relate to writing? Well, I write about Magic the Gathering obviously.

After talking to different people about the game and strategies etc I came across, the biggest MtG website in the UK. I made some e-mail enquiries and am now a featured writer on the site!

First article went live on Thursday, you can view it here! Magic the Gathering

The last month has certainly seen a bit of progress on the writing front. Still waiting to hear back about the Empire submission. Had one request for the full manuscript and two rejections so far so that is a pretty fair ratio. Heres hoping I get two more requests to see the full thing and then get it signed off on!

I've also set up a YouTube account where I upload videos of Magic the Gathering Online. Search SBPhoenix channel on YouTube for those interested in learning a bit about the game and for all those others who just miss the sound of my voice :P

Right anyways, consider yourself up to date! Tomorrow I have an article to finish off and some more MtG practice before the pro tour qualifier in Dundee on the 10th...I also need to think of some witty one liners to try on the new girl at work ;)

Dare to Dream folks!

Life is out there, go get it!


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