Thursday, 24 January 2013

Maybe This'll Be My Year!

Possibly a bit behind the other bloggers but...HAPPY NEW YEAR EVERYONE!!!

Can you believe it? 2013!

To be quite honest I never thought we'd all see it, what with the Mayan calander coming to an end and the world having meant to implode or blow up or something else that I never really paid much attention to yet totally believed.

Yup. Family were mighty dissapointed this year when I gave them each a card that said:

"Sorry I didnt get you a present...the world was meant to end five days ago."

I decided this year I wasn't going to bother with New Year resolutions, I didn't really bother (*cough* stick *cough*) to them last year, or the year before. But what I did do last and what I did stick to was a plan.

Last years plan was pretty straight forward:

1) Go into hospital
2) Have lots of surgery (Pamela Anderson eat your heart out!)
3) Be pampered by lots of nurses
4) Recover (This was a bit*h!)
5) Finish Empire, start screenplay.

All of this I managed succesfully (I was very good at the 'getting pampered' bit ;))

This year however, I didnt really go into the bells with a hard and fast plan. I kind of had this loose idea of where i wanted the year to take me, but no real 'get up and go' or 'DRIVE' to make it happen.

That. Being. Said.

Its now the 24th of January and there have been some pretty big changes.

First and foremost, I am a whole year older! (Apparently that means I am now wiser and more mature...not bloody likely :P)

Secondly I'm moving out. For those who dont know I left my previous 'abode' rather rapidly after a hell of a lot of drama and ended up back in with mother dearest. This actually worked out quite well with all the surgery (and mums home made stew isnt something to be sniffed at!) So I didnt mind too much. I was also very aware however how much I missed my own space.

Randomly. And when I say random I mean random (as in last Tuesday random). I decided.

"Right, let's see what's out there!"

Friday morning I viewed two flats. Friday afternoon I picked one.

This coming Monday I move in.

Its a nice one bedroom in a quiet residential area in my home town. Down near the Clyde and the Castle. And I CANNOT wait!

I've also met someone who is pretty amazing (she is actually cooler than me :D).

I had kind of shyed away from relationships and the idea of meeting someone after the last debaccle and the drama that went with it and really wasnt looking for anything at all. But I can honestly say I havent been this happy for a looooooonnnng time.

Genuinely "Amazed" that I hadn't met her before I did as not only does she live in the same town as me, and went to the same school, but shes also...a nurse!

You know that way when your phone goes and your heart kind of skips a beat? Yeah. that;s me.

I have caught myself thinking about something she's said or done in work and before I know it this huge smile is splitting my face when Im meant to be on the phone giving contractors a hard time. I feel like I've known her for years.

Maybe this'll be my year?

More writing news to follow!

Watch this space folks, its all happening ;) !


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