Wednesday, 10 April 2013

Back to business!

Howdy all, It's been a while!

I know you were probably all wondering what had happened to me (it's been so long since I updated my blog) so to put your mind at rest I decided to give you a wee update.

First off, as those immortal words so clearly state on the front of 'The Hitchhikers Guide to the Galaxy' : DON'T PANIC!

I have not been involved in any near death incidents, I've not been battling with a rare genetic disease that has prevented me from writing. I've not even been suffering from the common cold...

I HAVE however been very busy falling head over heels for someone very special.

Love is a pretty funny thing when it comes down to it. I mean as a writer, I can quite effectively describe every other emotion under the sun. From joy to hate, happiness to sadness...I can paint a picture of a character battling with ambivalence so readers of all ages can comprehend their conumdrum...but love is one of those things that I can't quite define. Lets just say that for years, and years, and YEARS - I only thought that I was happy.

Now that I've found this person I actually am happy, and can't quite fathom how I managed before I met her. She is fab! If you don't believe me, you can read about her here.

But, back to business. You'll all be wanting a little bit about what I've been doing over the last few months so here goes!

On this front there is not much to report other than the gold weight operation (the one where they put a little bit of *bling* in to my left eye lid) did not go well. In fact it went so far south the gold weight ended up coming out. It had started to pierce the eyelid (such was it's desire to be free of it's captivity) and I had to go in for a minor op to have it removed (the weight not the eye).

I have a couple of follow on appointments to get my right pec (boob) sorted but due to the surgically intensive year I had last year that wont happen until 2014 at the earliest.

I have been some what lazy on this front if I'm being honest. I have set my sights on "Just Give Me a Reason" by Pink and Nate Reuss - hopefully get it nailed on the piano over the next couple of weeks.

Now this is the biggie - yet there is absolutely nothing to report!

This - yes, THIS! Is the first creative writing I have done since the end of January. It's as if motivation just totally dissapeared.

I think this is pretty normal for writers. Not so much 'Writer's block' more 'Writer's cannae really be arsed at the moment' and I've been suffering from it for what seems like forever! Just the sight of one of my many notebooks which are bulging with that nine lettered swear word known as 'POTENTIAL' was enough to make me bawk. And then something fabulous happened.

I got rejected.

Aaaaaah! I can see the confusion on your face now. "Rejected? How can rejection possibly be 'fabulous'?!"

Well it is, and I'll tell you why. To writers there are two types of rejections:

REJECTIONS - Do not pass go, do not collect $200 and DEFINITELY do not think of submitting here again.

And then there are the other type:

Rejections - Good, possibly GREAT. We really liked it. But it's just not right for us at the moment. Do you have anything else? Please do consider us in the future as we would love to read some more of your writing.

See the difference?

Well the latter ended up on my doorstep a few weeks ago and It felt like someone had delivered a winning lottery ticket. I sent a total of 7 submission packages, 4 were promptly rejected and 3 asked for the full manuscript. After not hearing anything back last year I had all but given up on getting a response of any kind.

But with that letter it just made me feel like jumping about the living room shouting "qaaaaaaaaaah! So close!"

And all of a sudden the motivation was back!

So what to do now though? There in lies the question!

After talking to a literary friend whose opinion I value more than anyone elses. I have decided to give 'legitimate' publishing another shot. I feel as if the manuscript is sooooooo close to getting there that this time I will find a suitable agent/publisher.

I am going to focus on this for the next six months. Tightening the material so it is squeaky clean and as finely tuned as possible. And if at the end, I am no further forward than I am now. Then at least I can say "I took a shot" - "I gave it my all"..."Oh well, I'll just self publish and become an e-millionaire ;) "

In other news...
In non writery non musicky news. I am getting my chest waxed to raise money for BANA - my other halfs charity. They have supported her through an awful lot and every day help people suffering with acoustic neuroma's so I am going to take the plunge and get the carpet on my chest trimmed!

Now I'm not asking you for £10, or £5 (though if you want to donate that then it is much appreciated!)

I am asking you for ANYTHING!

Your spare change (yup, YOU, the person reading right now!) can have a serious impact on the quality of life and support that someone receives. It really, REALLY can make a difference!

That pound that's lying in the car, or the fifty pence that has been rattling about your coat pocket for weeks, or even the handful of coppers that have been multiplying in the kitchen drawer...please, donate them here.

And that is it folks!

Consider yourself up to date :D !

Until next time, dare to dream!


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