Monday, 26 December 2011

Mustering the energy...

When I finish work for the day there is nothing I like more than to run the jacuzzi, pour a cold drink and sit and chill...but that's just not going to work anymore. Next year is a big year for me. Because im going to make it so.

I have a whole host of goals for next year and i'm going to tick them off as and when they happen, the list is subject to change but this is it as it stands:


In my opinion, people (and I'm including myself here) dont get what they want because they dont want it hard enough, they've got the dream but not the drive. Well this year (or next depending on how pernickety you are) I am going to get published, and Im going to do it by putting the hard work, effort and hours of practice into it. I will write at least 1k words a night (and hopefully a damn sight more!) and approach publishers and agencies at least twicec a month.

2) WORK OUT (Join gym)
3) QUIT SMOKING (It was never cool, just stupid...and I am not a stupid person.)

I love people, and to love people right you got to get out amongst them!

Roll on 2012...its going to be a biggie!

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