Sunday, 26 February 2012

Another weekend come and gone...

Two months into the year already, who would believe it?

I was going to write 'this weekend sure did pass quickly' and then I realised the date and thought it more appropriate to note that there is only ten more months until Christmas...

Notice anyone different about the site...*surreptitiously points to the side of the screen ------------------->*
For anyone that cares...that took me ages!

It has been a busy weekend. Noel Gallagher was great, he did loads of Oasis covers which was just aswell because I only know two High Flying Birds songs lol! No hangover on Saturday which was grand however my throat and my leg were killing me due to excessive singing and standing too much.

It was also a good weekend for writing, I managed another chapter which I am happy with, it is about 800 words less than the others but Brent Weeks told me a chapter should only be aslong as it has to be to serve its purpose so I dont see the need to extend it.

Its all kicking off now, theres a rescue, a murder, a betrayal and the conclusion to cover so I can get about another 30-40k words out of it. Well on track to be finished for the 16th of April.

On another note, in a project I haven't hinted at yet, I made some head way. This is a big project, and one that relies on alot of other pieces falling into place in order for it to come into full effect but the jist of it is 'to help people'

I know that sounds exceptionally simple and easy to do and I suppose in essence it is, but to be able to do it on the scale I intend on doing it will take a lot of time, a lot of effort and ALOT of money. That being said I took a small step towards that goal this weekend, I think.

The reason I say I think is that there is only so much I can do. The rest of it relies on the commitment of the other person. Hopefully she takes her chances and at least has a go at it. If not at least I can say I tried, but I sincerely think that if she plays her part and works as hard as she will have to that she will not  regret it, and that because of this oppurtunity she will lead a better life...

...well that's the basic idea, she may just thank me and put the plan on a pile of other plans that she will never embark on, but like I said, there is only so much I can do.

Anyways, my head is pounding my fingers are sore and my brain is tired.

Bed time.

Good Night Folks.


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