Wednesday, 22 February 2012

Im on to them!!!

With 'them' referring to the authors of 'The Writers Handbook' and the creators of social media (yes I know thats a big group to hold a grudge against...)

But it is incredibly difficult to do both. As you or may not have noticed the site looks a bit different, spent about an hour and a half messing about with the blogger interface to make it a bit more 'phoenixey'. Not that im not happy with how it looks, but that was an hour and a half that could have been spent writing, instead it was spent maintaining a website that im told (by them) that I have to have.

Time is just about the most precious thing any of us will ever have (its the only thing they're not making more of!) and how we spend it determines a lot in life. In a world where deadlines and time limits are the be all and end all its hard enough already to find time to ourselves, let alone manage a Facebook, Twitter and personal blog, all supposedly to the benefit of my writing...which tonight I didnt manage to do any of because I was updating above mentioned social mediums.

Not that im moaning. I love FB and Twitter, and even enjoy updating this thing. I think im just feeling the pressure of the first 'real' deadline I've set myself for writing...

54 days until I submit to angry robot and I need to finish and proof read a book. Granted there are only eight more chapters to go, but thats a chapter a week, a thousand words a night and if I stick to that maths then it leaves NO time at all for proof reading.

So...starting from tomorrow im aiming for 1500 words a night which should leave me a large enough cushion of time to proof read the manuscript, need to start spending my time a bit better. I have no intention of sitting behind the desk of a dead end nine to five in ten years time and looking back to realise I could have had a better life...

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