Monday, 20 February 2012

Nothing more infectious...than an idea

Isn't it funny how sometimes they just stick!

For years I have been a writer, and ive tried a little bit of everything. From flash fiction to erotic prose ive dabbled and scribbled and written and edited and read and re-read and then enevitably fogotten about or disgarded.

With my first day back at work looming before me I knew it would be wise to get an early night last night. So I did everything right, no coffee after eight, no heavy foods, no loud music, stuck on the chilled out piano stuff on youtube and lay down to drift off into peaceful slumber...and I lay...and I lay...then just to mix things up, I lay some more. Sleep would not come.

What did come though was an idea. This tiny thing from the dark recesses of my brain that I could just not shake, an idea for a screenplay, one of the few types of writing I haven't had a go at. As I lay there the movie played out in my head and I knew I had to get this down on paper so turned disparingly to glance at the clock and see it was 1am. Thinking better of it I rolled back over to go to sleep. Then gave up five minutes later and downloaded Celtx screenwriting software.

Now at this point, the intention was to download the software and do maybe a paragraph worth of notes to jog my memory when I had time to come back to it. Before I knew it I was forty pages in with twists and turns I didnt even see coming! But the time was fastly approaching 3am so time for bed.

Ill just finish this page...

All nighter folks. 90 pages of a screenplay written in a night (a two hour movie is roughly 120). No doubt it will require a big amount of editing as I dont know much about formatting screenplays but the story is great! Its gripping and exciting and for the first time in a loooooooooong time, I drew myself into my writing.

Only when my mobile alarm went off did I realise that I was not infact a kick ass, yet subtlely cool assassin dating hollywood's prom queen and saving the world from a big bad political coup! I was infact a hobbling young man with a yellow belt in karate who has been single so long im scared they might have changed  sex and no one has told me about it who is going to find work excessively long and boring today...

And yet I survived work. It actually wasn't too bad. I hit the hay as soon as I got home and woke up around midnight...and here in lies the problem, its going to be the same tomorrow! Why couldnt my brain have done this to me when I had three weeks off with nothing to do?

So just to re-iterate my point here: There is nothing more infectious...or more persistently annoying than an idea that wont leave you alone!

That is all.


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