Saturday, 3 March 2012

It's the weekend folks!!!

And I chose to start mine by pretending to be eighteen, drinking more than is sensible, and discovering I have an innate inability to dance in any way shape or form lol!

My first night out post op and it was fab! Banter, karaoke (needless to say, I rocked!) and girls (incidentally where did  all of these beautfiul people come from? Honestly everwhere I turned last night there were drop dead gorgeous woman!)

Of course  im well past the stage of flirting with strangers on a night out *cough* we chose to sit at a quiet table away from all the noise *cough* and discuss things like the complex nature of our existence and the meaning of life the universe and everything...which turned out to be "42". Then once we had established that, we hit the shots, chased the skirt and generally engaged in a whole host of drunken antics no doubt adding lots of new *cringe* moments to the repressed memory section of my brain. But it was fun!

Met some people I used to work with in McDs who I havent seen in ages. As silly as it sounds, after all the different jobs I have had, McDs was my favourite. The social life, the gossip, the girls...the DRAMA!!! Loved it. It paid almost a third what im being paid now, but I miss it sometimes lol!

There was a bit of "That awkward moment when..." going on but there really shouldnt have been, infact on hindsight I cant believe that there was. For a guy who has no regrets in life and is confident verging on cocky, I suddenly became quite shy and unsure of myself, which I haven't felt in years.

But, it didnt last long, in no time at all I was back to throwing crazy shapes on the dance floor, spilling drinks down my jumper (why do I always spill red stuff when im wearing white? Honestly it must be a Murphy's law or something!) and swapping handshakes for hugs. is the best bit...NO HANGOVER!

I have a birthday party in the bowling club tonight which promises to be a riot and most probably will end up at a Karaoke bar, but that is tonight and I have lots to do before then...

Here is my agenda for today starting immediately:

1) Down two litres of irn-bru.
2) Bin the disgusting concoction of 3am food I ordered last night. (Im scared to look and see what it is...)
3) Find my phone. (Another Murphy's law)
4) Find my bike keys.
5) Check over and look longingly at bike. (Still cant drive for six weeks)
6) Type out chapter 11 draft.
7) Check the bank to see exactly how much I spent last night. (*cringe*)
8) Tidy my room. (which I swear was tidy when I went to sleep...maybe I throw shapes in my dreams?)
9) Practice scales, arpeggios, hands together and 12 bar blues beats then learn the C G and B blues scales.

Then when that is done, Im going to head out on it again. Why? Because I am young, confident articulate funny and of the opinion that life is for living, savour the moments that matter most folks and make the most of the moments that dont!

Have a good weekend!


(NOTE: Reallllllllllllllllly glad I didn't update drunk last night...though the amount of spelling mistakes would have been comedy gold!)

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