Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Little update...

I really despise technology...sometimes.

It thinks it's so clever. And sometimes it is. But in general, I wish it would just stop trying to be so damned smart!

I text my mother the other night to tell her I was 'ordering a chippy' and ask if she wanted anything. About an hour passed before she replied "Yeah sure...but whats a choppy?" Predictive text my ass. The best thing about it is you can't it off! I have gotten in to the habit of reading, and re-reading every text message before I send it. Which is just as well because it confused 'shower' for 'orgasm' the other day which, had the message been sent, would have had led to some VERY embarassing *cringe* moments.

It also took me over ten minutes to open up chapter 11 'The Gaol in The Sand' because ive downladed a trial of Word2010 but written it in Word2007 (Which in itself is strange because I have the 09 version but anyways...) The document refused to open in a format I could manipulate. One version could open but not change, one could change but not save...I mean whats the point in that?! And why couldn't I find it out before I'd typed 2k words?!?

Yes folks I hate technology...then I think how much it would suck to have to type on a typewriter or do my research at the library.

Speaking of research, this new Google policy change has me a bit worried. Not that I have anything to hide but my recent searches would certainly confuse anyone unfortunate enough to be looking through them: Crochet, Horse-Riding, Dress-Making, Swordplay, Archaic Map Design, Victorian Etiquette, Great Balls of Fire, Brother of the Bride Speech, Paris Fashion week, War Tactics and Battle strategies, Chicken Tikka Masala recipe (incidentally, actually not an indian dish! Go Figure.)...the list goes on and on and on!

Its so random, and all of it (well most of it) to the end of sounding legitimate when I'm writing about one thing or another. There is nothing worse (in my opinion) than reading a piece of fiction where the author has not looked into the subject matter. It just sounds fake. So I avoid it where best I can, the downside is my head is full of useless information which unless Im at a particularly obscure pub quiz, will never ever be used again.

This week has been rather uneventful unfortunately. The world turns and I creep gradually closer to my goals and the D-Day which is the 16th of April. I've hand written all of chapter 11 and made a start on chapter 12 and reckon Im going as high as 15 or 16 chapters in this book. Which should put the word count at around about 85k which is about 10k less than what i'm going for but im sure I can expand on some bits on the re-read.

Work (real work) was a drag this weekend, I have never known it to be so quiet, and not a brandy in sight!

Big thanks to all those who helped me design the 'Raja'. I tried to take a bit from everyones suggestions and ended up with something I can honestly say I could not have dreamt up on my own so thank you all!

As the saying goes "another day another dollar"!

Keep on striving towards that goal, it might take time, but i'll get there, Yes.I.Can folks, Yes.I.Can!


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