Thursday, 22 March 2012

"Like a rolling stone!"

A few people have asked me where and how I come up with the ideas (as mental as some of them are) for my books, songs and more recently, the weekly(ish) blog updates. The latter is easy. It happens. No joke, there are NO kid on stories on my blog, this stuff actually happens to me. Yay me! *cough*

But for the books and songs I tell people I dream them, I dont think them, I dream them. To which people usually A) Laugh or B) give that nod that kind of suggests they dont believe you but they are just too polite to call you a liar to your face.

I swear to god it's true! Both books have been dreamt about and notes hastily scribbled in a tattered notebook by me in a half woken daze. Yet when I re-read them, it all makes sense!

Most men my age (I'm assuming here of course...*cough*) dream about celebrities they'll never date (doing things with said celebrities that they'll never do), about cars they will never drive and money that they will never have to spend. Not me...not even the first one! Instead I dreamt this, last night:

---Rock and Roll Revival the Musical!---
Is a musical of the future where the world has become brainwashed by electro-pop-atonal music produced by the totalitarien media and production companies and has only one pop-star, Eviva (Editors Note: She looks like Lady Gaga for some reason?). She is loved by the masses and idolised by all, except one. 'Clunk'

'Clunk' is a bit of a loner and a rebel, he secretely loves Eviva but hates the music and has big dreams of changing it to something different, something that means something. He finds an old jukebox and discovers 'Rock 'n' Roll' and sets out on a path to change the world of music forever...again.

Now. That on it's own was pretty impressive to find neatly scribbled in my notepad but that wasnt all. There are actually lyrics! Real 'musical' lyrics! Theres also songs picked out for different scenes and cast and crew! I mean come on! Forgot about Kylie Minogue in a corset on the back of my Kawasaki Ninja with two duffel bags full of money as we drive into the sunset...give me my dreams ANY day of the week!

So to those of you who think my ideas are well planned out and subtley clever...they're not...well not initially anyway. My sub-conscious imagination is just a bit mental :P ! And I LOVE IT!

Ive put a bit more thought into the concept of writing a musical and it is something I am going to seriously dedicate a bit of time to BUT! Not until after April the 16th, its all about 'Empire' until then! So enough about music...

Actually finished my second notebook of handwritten, double sided, notes/chapter plans/random doodles quite pleased :P. Chapter 12 is completely hand written and its going to be a biggie! There is a lot of dialogue and expanation involved so I'll need to be careful not to over do it, I know that if I come across huge sections of description in other peoples books I tend to skip until someone says something (Dont judge me lol but some of it bores the arse off me!)

The challenge will be writing it in a way thats engaging and captivating without being overly complicated. The first six chapters of part 2 were printed off last night and given to a literary colleague of my mother's to have a look at so I am looking forward to hearing what she has to say!

So thats just about you all upto date, OH! I tell a lie your not!

*Clears throat loudly*

"Introducing to the blogging community for the first time, a young man with exceptional writing promise and enough sarcastic wit to leave Jonathan Ross speechless (or stutterless). The one and only CHRIS DUFFY!"

Really enjoyed his first two blog posts, If youve got a spare minute check him out!

Anyways, thanks for reading folks!

Its all happening so stay tuned!


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