Friday, 18 November 2011

Good morning red pen!

Last nights post was in short, horrible. I couldnt help but feel bored when I re-read it.

The writer's group was worth going to, and I suspect it will prove to be a valuable asset in weeks and months to come. One thing that it has done is re-ignited that creative spark that seemed to be somewhat dwindling as I woke up this morning with fresh plot ideas and lots of clever twists and turns that I may or may not incorporate into my novel.

So while the creative juices are flowing I have picked up my red pen (which until now I have looked at with mixed feelings of disdain and disgust) and set to the task of proof reading chapter 1, which I will send along to Alex later today in preperation for the next writer's group.

Popped into Waterstones last night before the meet and couldnt help myself, had to pick up George R.R Martins complete set of books. 1/3rd off. Bargain. I'm sure my bank manager will agree. Hopefully. Probably not...really do need to steer clear of book stores. For some people its drink, others its drugs, for me its paperback novels in the sci-fi section. Also picked up a copy of The Writers and Artists Handbook 2012 which is packed full of useful stuff.

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