Thursday, 17 November 2011

The story begins...

Or should I say has begun?

My name is SBPhoenix and I have been writing creatively since waking up one morning several years ago and deciding I wanted to be 'windswept and interesting'. After lunch it became apparent I was no good at that so chose to be a writer instead.

My first novel 'Last of The Azureans' was self published on Amazon's kindle and my second novel is well underway. I am hoping to get this one published via the more conventional route of agency/publisher.

This blog will serve as an outlet for my thoughts/ideas and most probably the day to day meanderings of my somewhat normal life.

Just returned from my first experience with a 'writers group' and have mixed feelings about it. The plus point is alot of the critique was very releveant and lots of information was available. Negative is that alot of the writing seems to be very indepth with many underlying meanings being present in individual authors works. My work is not like that, not for the most part anyways.

I guess the true value of joining a writers group will become apparent after I submit some pieces of my own, which I will do for the next meeting.

As it stands I am tired and hungry so will not write anymore tonight and will strive to give a more detailed update tomorrow.

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