Wednesday, 23 November 2011

Write, write, write...right?

A week of work lies before me and I am full of best intentions to fill it with writing.

That being said, Monday was a no go as I had my CBT (Which I passed) and Tuesday and Wednesday were spent arranging insurance and money to buy a bike but from tomorrow onwards I will be hard at it.

...yes I know, poor excuse but dont judge me! Finding the motivation to sit and type something I have already hand written is harder than I would have thought. When I wrote my first book I was in the Merchant Navy so the only thing I had time to do was sit and write Now I find myself surrounded by distractions, music, facebook, movies, motorbikes, nights out, nights just seems harder to write I right?

The chapter I am working on is actually pretty exciting and will kind of bridge a gap between the characters when they were children and how they are now as adults so I really want to get it right. I want to show how their individual personalities have grown with them, but that they havent lost any of the things that attracted the reader to them as children.

I think also that part 2 will have more chapters in it than I anticipated, when it actually comes to typing it up I find I am expanding (in a good way I think) on ideas that I have written down. As a result I am hitting my word cap for chapters earlier and having to put the rest of the chapter in with the next. So far this has not posed me too many problems as I still cover the main points for  that chapter, each still serves its purpose, I do foresee me having to juggle a couple of sections around though so the flow reads a bit better thats towards the end of part 2.

I am about 1100 words short of finishing chapter 7, its already been hand written and it is very clever (even If I do say so myself) but cant get motivated tonight (and it is nearly 1am) so will leave it for tomorrow and hopefully get most of chapter eight either on paper or on my harddrive. If I put the time in I could have Part 2 done by Sunday night...yes. Sunday night, that is the goal.

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