Thursday, 8 December 2011

Deciding to evolve...

Darwin taught us that evolotion is a fact. An animal adapts to survive in its environment and makes its environment fit for its purpose. He also taught us that it is a long drawn out process, billions of years in the making. But what happens when the environment changes quicker than the species in its ecosystem can evolve? What do the animals do then? Dont know the answer? Well its happening now.

It is somewhat appropriate that as I write this European leaders are meeting to discuss climate change in Brussels and 130mph winds have driven the West coast of Scotlands roads to a standstill. Literally, police have declared that no traffic should be on the road after 2pm.

The reason I named this topic as I did was because we are at a crossroads. We have two options, two scenarios and four possible outcomes.

We can believe that climate change is a real thing, or we can choose not to believe it. These are the scenarios. Our options are to act or not act. There is a video on that demonstrates this point very well, I will upload it later but regardless of the outcome something is happening that has never happened in the history of the world, perhaps even the universe.

We as a species have to make a decision, a conscious effort to evolve and change to our environment.

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