Tuesday, 6 December 2011

One of those days...

It has been a looooonnnngg day!

I don't understand people on trains. I mean it's unnatural right? We all sit there like sardines in a tin, shoulder to shoulder, my elbow in chapter seven of the guy next to me's book and my right ear being blown away by the 'personal' headphones of the girl on my right...and no one says a word. Not one word to the people on either side of you, I bet you do it to! Thats right I know your type!

Its not that im uncomfortable with silence. God knows after answering a phone all day I love nothing more than to indulge in the stuff. It's the fact the silence is uncomfortable, it's as if every single person (except from the guy thats reading to my left and the girl blowing brain cells to my right) is thinking the same thought. 'This is awkward, I should say something.'

I mean come on folks, we are social creatures by nature but you put some of the most talkative people you know on a train and SCHDOOM! Not a word. I mean come on folks! Speak up. I once sat opposite a girl on a train (who was reading Stephen Fry I might add.) and a guy jumped on as the doors close, his backpack got caught in the doors and he had to stand at the door until the next stop. We wet ourselves laughing and both missed our stop for blethering away. Youd be amazed at the people you meet on a train, or in most cases, the people you dont meet.

Anyway, I digress...

Its been a long day. As awkward as the train journeys to and from work can be I do find I can get a lot of writing done along the way. Managed to get a good chunk of chapter eight down on paper (all be it a condensed chunk). Then enivitably, just as the creative juices are climaxing and im totally in the zone, the nice Scotrail lady tells me im at my stop and all thoughts of creativity dissaperate as I enter work and fuel the machine for the day.

Work in itself was interesting...well thats the wrong word. Embarassing would be more appropriate. But "this is my blog and ill sugar coat if I want to." Que Sera, at least the train journey in wont be the only awkward point about my day tomorrow!

Picked up where I left off on the way home and once more the train journey ended just at the wrong time. Hopefully I can pick up where I left off tomorrow morning and then get to typing up what is already one of my favourite chapters so far. One of the best bits of writing (for the author anyways) is seeing an idea or a character develop into more than you could ever have imagined.

Critique from the GWG was great! I mean dont get me wrong, some of it I will disregard but there were a lot relevant points made which as the author I just didnt pick up on. The problem is that the images the places the people the story is all so clear in my head, I dont need to explain why something is the way it is because I already know, but the reader doesnt, so having a group of people who can point these things out to you is an invaluable asset. In years to come if ever asked "What was the turning point in your writing career?" The answer will be joining a writers group.

And thats it folks, the writing continues time ticks by and life goes on. The next writers meet is on the 15th, may or may not have another update before then depending on how 'writing intensive' the weekend is.

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