Wednesday, 21 December 2011

Ho Ho Ho!!! Merrrrrrry Christmas!

Would you believe it? Its Christmas. AGAIN! Didn't that year just whizz by? And what a year it's been looking back on it. If you had asked me on January the 1st where I would be come December the 22nd my answer would not have been here. But change is good, unexpected change is even keeps us sharp.

Some none writing updates first and foremost. I have opted to go 'under the knife' once again in an attempt to gain a fully functioning smile. Vain, yes. Un-Necessary, yes. Anything to do with anyone else? No. The date is the 24th of January. The plus side to it (apart from the obvious potential positive outcomes of the surgery) are that it will give me somewhere between 2 and a half to 3 weeks off of work, which is good. Because I have become somewhat lazy in my writing. Its not that im not doing any, im doing lots. But my brain is trying to write a dozen different short stories at least three screenplays and a full length bestselling novel at the moment. I have lots of notes and well thought out ideas but just no time to put them down or develop them further. I am also peculairly feeling rather Christmassey. Walking about Glasgow today I couldnt help but smile.

Back to writing news. As ive already mentioned dreaming seems to be interfering with doing at the moment. I have had lots more ideas, particualrly with regard to where this series goes after this book, which is good. But if I dont finish this book then the series wont go anywhere. Ive been reading "The first five pages" by Noah Lukeman which as Ive already mentioned is awesome. Even if you just read the first three chapters your submitted works will improve dramatically! Also had a read through "The Writers and Artists Handbook" and looked at the competitions and awards section (which is why im juggling short stories at the moment). Im quite taken with the Aeon award sponsored by the Albedo One Irish comic/fantasy/sci-fi/everything in between thing...not sure how to categorise it to be honest. I will definitely be entering it in the first couple of months of the new year. Seriously toying with taken an excerpt from the notes ive got for "A mercenaries tale" and expanding on it. If it does well it would be great to add into an introduction letter.

Anyways, bed is calling me, work tomorrow, the joys!

Good night all, god bless you...every one! (come on, I had to get it in!)

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